Previous Spotlights

The Wonderful Mr Bainbridge and our Taipari Taniwha!
The Tamariki are proud that the final art piece under our long serving Principal Mr Bainbridge is a gift to Mr Bainbridge and the school. The 'Taipari Taniwha' celebrates his love of art and 'Kaitiakitanga', the guardianship of Matipo Primary School from 1989 to 2017.
Kia pai te haere
Our gratitude to Rowena Rooney for leading this amazing taonga and art piece.
The Wonderful Room 3!

The Wonderful Room 2!
In our P.E learning, we chose items from the class to jump over, and created some challenging obstacle courses for our classmates to jump over. We are learning about working together as a team, taking risks and using respect toward others and our environment.

For Oral Language, we are learning to be good listeners and speakers.

Our Matariki Celebrations!

The Fabulous Room 8!

The Easter Bonnet Parade & Easter Hunt!

In the last week of Term One, the whole school were invited to make and wear an Easter themed hat for an Easter Bonnet Parade. We were also lucky enough for each class to have their own Easter Hunt, searching for lots of goodies that were donated to the school. Thank you to our 'Friends of Matipo' group for organising this event and thanks to all who generously donated prizes for our Matipo children!

Our Tamariki Poetry Competition!

Well done to our three finalists who competed at the School Finals. You all displayed a lot of bravery and confidence, speaking in front of such a large audience! Congratulations to Billie Circuitt, our Tamariki Year 1 Winner!

Our Trip to Waterview Playground!

Our Firewise Learning!

Our 2017 Syndicate!

This week we saw the Ronald McDonald Show. We learnt all about Road Safety, including how to walk safely on the footpath, how to cross the road safely and how to make it click when we are driving in the car!

Room 6 & 7!

Our Trip to the Auckland Zoo!

Room 7, 8 and 9 - Getting ready for Market Day!

Room 9!

We loved the ball drop on Wednesday with the rest of the Matipo Kids. You can check out the video and some more photos on the school website.

Room 8!

Room 8 learn about a letter of the alphabet every week.

Can you guess what our letter was?

R is for Rainbow!


One day in Room 8, two lovely girls had a little problem at brain food time.

See if you can figure out how we solved it...


Samoan Language Week

Matipo Primary celebrated Samoan Language Week. As part of our celebration, the Tamariki Syndicate had a fun day where we got together and printed lavalava, learnt the Sasa, sung Samoan songs and made a tapa cloth.

We had lots of fun dressing up in the photo booth and loved sharing our learning at assembly time.

Room 5:

The Tamariki Disco:

To celebrate a fantastic first term the Tamariki Syndicate had a disco. We danced up a storm - moving, grooving,  and even having a few dance-offs!

Term 1, Week 11:
Room 4!

Term 1, Week 10:
Our Poetry Competition:

Term 1, Week 9:
Room 3!

Secret Destination

Term 1, Week 8:
Room 2!

Room 2 have been learning what it means to have a growth mindset!
Our favourite saying at the moment is -
“Having a go helps our brains to grow!”

When we ‘have a go’ we know that it is OK to make mistakes and take chances with our learning!

The story ‘The Dot’ By Peter H. Reynolds is all about a little girl who starts off afraid of having a go at her art work. Her teacher encourages her to make a mark and then sign her work. The next time she sees her dot she thinks to herself “I can do better than that!” and goes on experimenting with her art, making dots in all colours and sizes!
We did the same - check out some of the awesome dot art we have created!

Term 1, Week 6:
Tamariki Trip to Coyle Park

On Friday, our eight Tamariki Syndicate classes jumped on the bus and headed out for some fun in the sun! We went to Coyle Park, where we enjoyed a beach adventure and made use of the awesome playground there. Some of our highlights were the flying fox, collecting taonga and shells on the beach and spending time with the other classes.

Thank you so much to all the parent helpers that came along and made it such a successful experience!

Term 1, Week 5:
Room 9

We have been busy bees in Room 9 this week! Quinn brought in a swan plant to share with the class, so we have been learning about the life cycle of a monarch butterfly and watching Monster the caterpillar grow more and more each day. 

This week we have also learnt all about money and saving with our ASB expert. We have been collecting information to make bar graphs and looking at art from different cultures. We have loved having our milk on these hot afternoons while we listen to a story or two - thanks for bringing in your favourite books to share with the class!

Term 1, Week 4:
Room 7
In our classroom, we are learning about ourselves and each other.  We each took home a kete (basket) to collect our taonga (treasure).  We bought our kete back to school with our taonga inside.  We shared our taonga with our classmates and explained why they were so important to us.  Thank you for sharing your taonga!  We loved learning more about each other!

Term 1, Week 3:
Tamariki Water Play Afternoon!

On Thursday the Tamariki Syndicate had a water play afternoon. We had fun-filled activities including bubbles, relays and a water slide. It was an absolute blast!